Top management consultancy for mobility and logistics

We are a top management consultancy for the mobility and logistics industry and its suppliers.

For Clients

As a top management consultancy with a clear focus on companies in the mobility and logistics industry and their suppliers, we have successfully implemented more than 100 projects with our clients. We advise both large corporations and medium-sized companies in Europe and the Middle East. Beyond that, we also support European alliances and industry associations in sector-wide challenges such as the design of the "European Green Deal".

Our clients consciously choose OakTree because they value our deep industry expertise and problem-solving skills. We accompany our clients from the conception to the implementation of the projects. We only work on tasks that are decisive for our clients' operational performance and environmental sustainability. Our work focuses on clearly defined areas of competence, putting utmost weight on those areas in which we have achieved excellence over many years of consulting work.

Infrastrukturentwicklung Netzwerkoptimierung Beratung -

Infrastructure development and network optimization


Technology and innovation management

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Digitization of business processes

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Prozessveraenderung Lean Management Consulting Frankfurt -

Prozessveränderung und Lean Management

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Please contact us if your are interested in project examples

To us, impact is decisive. We closely cooperate and co-develop tailor-made solutions together with our clients’ managers and employees at all hierarchy levels. We support our clients by building their capacity to successfully and independently complete a project as fast as possible. The close involvement of our clients’ top management provides the basis for fast decision-making with subsequent implementation.

About OakTree

Founded in 2010 by two experienced leaders in the global travel, transportation & logistics sector at McKinsey & Company, Inc., we are an international top management consultancy with a focus on leading companies and suppliers in the mobility and logistics industry.

Our broad presence extends across Europe and the Middle East, where we contribute significantly to the development and optimization of companies in these vital sectors through our in-depth expertise and many years of experience.

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Our vision and mission

Our primary goal is to significantly and permanently increase the operational efficiency and environmental sustainability of our clients through effective and customized solutions. We are actively committed to the transport transition and make a decisive contribution to achieving climate targets by promoting and implementing sustainable approaches in both passenger and freight transport.

In addition, we are actively involved in the recruitment of highly qualified colleagues, whom we shape into outstanding consultants and managers through targeted development programs. This ongoing process is crucial for us as it ensures that we continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of our services to meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients.


Our values

Client orientation

Our daily actions are guided by our clients’ interest. In case of doubt, our own interest takes a back seat.


We work in a fact-based manner and always represent our own independent opinion. We do not work on tasks that are insignificant for the success of our clients.


We respect our clients' culture and maintain absolute confidentiality.


We always strive for the best implementable solution and bring our full expertise to bear.

Our consultants are our capital



"Every day OakTree offers the opportunity to help our clients in finding solutions to their major challenges and hence sustainably shape whole industries."

Dr. Oliver Martin


Industrial Engineer (MBE)

Industrial Engineer (MBE)

„OakTree is a boutique that successfully combines the high standards of a top management consultancy with the agility of a start-up.”

Wassilios Tsolakidis

Industrial Engineer (MBE)

Lawyer and economist (MBA)

Lawyer and economist (MBA)

„As a management consultant, I live my passion to tackle challenging problems and drive businesses forward together with motivated and interesting people. When McKinsey's best and nicest colleagues unite in OakTree, you just have to join in!“

Nico Windecker

Lawyer and economist (MBA)

Business Economist (M.Sc.)

Business Economist (M.Sc.)

„Joining OakTree got me in touch with colleagues whose intellectual curiosity in dealing with complex issues as well as open-mindedness when it comes to novel problems I highly appreciate and admire. Their high degree of professionality, all along with a friendly and supportive attitude make it utmost easy and comfortable to work with the entire OakTree team."

Felix Fritsche

Business Economist (M.Sc.)

Business Economist (M.Sc.)

Business Economist (M.Sc.)

"At OakTree, complex problems are analyzed in-depth and custom-fit solutions are developed for the client. The success of this work is based on the one hand on the professional but trusted contact with the client, and on the other hand on the intensive internal professional exchange in a very collegial and helpful atmosphere."

Sebastian Kalenberg

Business Economist (M.Sc.)

Business Economist (freelance)

Business Economist (freelance)

„Working with OakTree is all about supporting clients in putting complex issues into practice by means of in-depth analytical analysis and understanding – all that within a friendly working environment and a partner-like mode of collaboration with client teams.”

Dr. Roland Castringius

Business Economist (freelance)

Our services

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Optimization of the supply chain strategy

Implementation of an efficient supply chain strategy for a supplier in the logistics industry to reduce costs and optimize delivery times.

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Digitalization of transport processes

Development and implementation of a comprehensive digital platform for a mobility service provider to automate transportation processes and increase transparency.

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Risk management in the supply chain

Development of a holistic risk management approach for a logistics service provider in order to be prepared for unforeseen events such as natural disasters or political unrest.